Welcome to Nikhildham

 The site is under construction.


This is a private website dedicated to Mahavidhya Sadhak Parivar, Bhopal activities


Monthly Magazine – Sadhana Siddhi Vigyan.


We had a difficult time to find a suitable webhost to store large volume of data.

You are advised to take permission form Gurudev or Mataji for performing sadhanas beforehand.

To download old issues of SSV Magazine please visit this Microsoft One Drive Link

Previous issues of SSV Magazines

Index of Issues in MS Excel format.


If you would like to help with scanning of more issues please post in group / contact by email on  Mahavidhya Sadhak Parivar,  Bhopal on email dasamahavidhyasadhakparivar<>gmail.com or writeanish<>gmail.com

(please replace <>with @ in email address – this is to reduce spams)




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